the Mac application for Fastmail users.

FMail2 overview

Free Download

FMail2 runs on macOS 12.0 and higher and is notarized by Apple.

Or install with brew: brew install --cask fmail2

Current version: 2.4.8 build 98.

Email provider Fastmail has native iOS and Android clients. But nothing for macOS. The web interface used by Fastmail is excellent.
The big thing missing, is that the web interface cannot behave like a native mail application. It can, for example, not handle email links. When you click on such a link it is the macOS Mail application that opens. That is not what we want.

Enter FMail2


When you have installed FMail2 and have adjusted your default email client, a click on an email link will open FMail2.
Even if you have closed all FMail2 windows (or tabs), you will receive notifications for new email and the Dock icon count will be updated, something that's not possible when you use Fastmail in a browser. The program can run in the background with only a Status Bar menu for quick access.

There are more options not available in Fastmail, such as searching inside an email and quoting the selected text only. Downloading is handled inside the application and the files are saved in your Download folder (or to another folder of your choice).
Use a separate window for composing or keep the Contacts available in another tab.
If you use Fastmail in your browser, switch to FMail2 now. For free. Guaranteed no tracking of your data. You won't regret.

FMail2 is an all Swift Mac application, taking little resources on your system and runs natively on Apple Silicon. Checking email is independent of the view chosen, as FMail2 uses JMAP to update this kind of information.

Many additional features

Clicking an email link elsewhere will open the Compose panel, with all provided fields filled (if you have made FMail2 your default email client)

FMail2 supports native macOS windows with tabs and restores them at a restart as they were when you stopped the program. So you can have a window with tabs for Email and Contacts and another one for the Calendar. Or a window for composing a new email. Or more...

Use ⌘ + number or ⌃⇥ to go to a tab

FMail2 will offer to be the default email program

You can use the Status Menu to hide FMail2 from the Dock; the Status menu will still show the number of unread emails (if you want)


Define a shortcut key to show/hide FMail2

AppleScript support

FMail2 has this option that is not implemented (yet) in Fastmail: You can search for text inside an email; use ⌥⌘F to start the search and default ⌘G and ⇧⌘G to navigate between hits

Reply an email with only the selected text in the quote text
(as in Apple Mail, but not in Fastmail...): Select the wanted text and press 'A' to reply with that selection

Command (⌘) click on a link will open a new tab (for Mail, Contacts, Calendar etc.). Via the contextual menu (right click) you can open the content in a new window.

Decide what folder you want to use for your Downloads; you can always override this setting by pressing the key

Have notifications even when FMail2 is not in the foreground, no need to have the email window open

Choose your Notification sound

Use the Arrow Keys and/or Spacebar to navigate your mails

Supports horizontal swipes for navigating the history

You can override Dark- or Light Appearance, when an email doesn't show well in a certain mode

Run the Fastmail beta version (if some functions do not work anymore, start by disabling this option in the Settings)

Show the number of unread emails in the Dock icon

The title bar has history buttons, shows the used Fastmail url (in red when beta), a Search field for searching inside an email with Previous and Next buttons, text scale buttons, the Tab Overview button and a padlock for enabling hiding FMail2 when it does not have the focus
Light and dark mode

You can choose to automatically hide FMail2 if it loses focus; use this setting when you use tabs and windows. Really handy 👏

Native printing of emails

Secure - Not running in your browser means you are better protected against web tracking

Secure - Mouse over will show you all links, so you know before you click

Secure - A contextual menu lets you check the real address of an URL, also a shortened one, before you open it
Validate URL

Copy a RFC-5322 compliant Message-ID to the clipboard via a shortcut, the Edit menu or the contextual menu and paste it in an application that supports hyperlinks.
Later on, open that link in FMail2 or in any other email client that supports the RFC-5322 compliant Message-ID (such as Apple Mail)
Open link

Supports Hook and Hookmark via standard (RFC-5322) email ID's

Runs natively on Apple Silicon, is notarized by Apple and sandboxed

Regular updates and improvements

Automatic updates (if you want)

Localized in English, French and Dutch

Less then 10MB in size
(compare to 300MB+ for an Electron -good for the developer, bad for the user- based application, you can store 30 applications of the FMail2 size in the space taken by 1 Electron application...)

Last but not least: FMail2 is a hobby project. I do not sell (or give away) any information to any third party. FMail2 does not collect any user data at all.

If you find FMail2 useful you could

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If Fastmail decides to change the underlying code, there is no guarantee I can keep FMail2 alive.

FMail2 is free to use and without any warranty.