Since version 1.2.0 FMail2 supports Hook via a RFC-5322 compliant message id. The advantage of the use of the RFC-5322 specification is that the Hook links you make in FMail2 also work from other email clients (that support Hook, such as Apple Mail) and vice versa. So you are not 'hooked' the FMail2.

At this moment (October 2022) you have to make some changes in the Hook preferences to accomplish this (so not in the FMail2 preferences). Hopefully the Hook developer will include these scripts in the near future.

Below the steps needed for using Hook with FMail2.

  1. Open the Hook Preferences and select the 'Scripts' tab Hook FMail2
  2. Select FMail2 in the left part of the window
  3. Push 'Open Item'
  4. Fill in the code exactly as shown
  5. Set prefix to 'email'
  6. Select the 'Get Address' tab
    Hook FMail2
  7. Fill in the code exactly as shown
  8. Go to the 'Favorite Apps' tab
    Hook FMail2
  9. Select FMail2 from the 'Open email links with:'

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