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Since version 2.6.7 FMail exchanges standard (RFC-5322) email ID's with Hook. The advantage of the RFC-5322 specification is that the Hook links you make in FMail also work with other email clients (that support Hook) and vice versa. So you are not 'hooked' the FMail.

At this moment you have to make some changes in the Hook preferences to accomplish this (so not in the FMail preferences). Hopefully the Hook developer will include this scripts as default.

  1. Go to the Hook Preferences and select the 'Scripts' tab
  2. Select FMail in the left part of the window
  3. Push 'Open Item'
  4. Fill in the code exactly as shown (copy from the text below)
  5. Set prefix to 'email'
  6. Select the 'Get Address' tab
  7. Paste in the code (copy from the text below)
Hook preferences Hook preferences

Don't forget to press Save for both when you're done.
Now there is one thing left to do. Go to the 'Favorite Apps' tab and select 'FMail' to open email links with.

Hook preferences

Copy the code for step 4:

Copy the code for step 7:

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