FMail2, a 'light' version of FMail.

FMail overview

FMail2 is a ‘light’ version of FMail. Not too many bells and whistles. It is for the purists amongst us.
Things that are not really needed are left out. For example, consider global shortcuts to open or close the program. Leaving this out results in a less complicated and smaller application. The same goes for auto-start on login, extra options in contextual menus, etcetera.
But this light version has one handy extra: the support of tabs. This allows you to have email, contacts and calendar open at the same time. Or use a separate window for composing an email (by dragging a tab to new window).

What's in it

Tips on using this light version

My experience is that Fastmail users are easy with computers. You know you can start a program when you log in via the System Preferences -> Users & Groups -> Login Items.
If you have already an application like Keyboard Maestro installed, opening or closing the application via a keyboard shortcut won’t be a problem. Or you can write a script to do this.
Using tabs is handy too. Compose a new email by ⌘ clicking the Compose button, to add a new tab with the Compose screen opened (you can do this with any Fastmail link).

If you are not this kind of user, then stick on FMail.

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Free Download

Open this page on your Mac to download FMail2

FMail2 runs on macOS 11.3 Big Sur and higher
and is notarized by Apple.


Maybe FMail better fits your needs?

If you find FMail2 useful you could


If Fastmail decides to change the underlying code, there is no guarantee I can keep FMail2 alive.

The program is free to use and without any warranty.